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In the Italian heart of the Umbria and Marche regions, the Highlands of Colfiorito offer themselves as one of the most impressive landscapes of our country: the great plains enclosed by the beautiful mountains, have created a special ecosystem. The Agricola Orve company was established by our family, which has always lived in the region of Umbria with passion and love. Agricola Orve offers a range of legumes and cereals. Our products are famous for their authenticity and high standard of quality. The common feature of Agricola Orve’s products is the excellent value-price balance, obtained by a careful selection of the product, grown with both conventional and organic methods.

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Our Produts Lines

The products of the Highlands of Colfiorito are increasingly gaining importance in the field of dried vegetables and are known for their authenticity and particularity. Our product line “Castelliere” has always been synonymous of natural products and represents a wide range of items in size of 400 and 500 grams bags.

Our organic line stands for its certified reliability and high quality. We collect carefully each single italian organic farm in order to have the best products, which are sold in the bag size of 500 grams.

Our long lasting experience, deep knowledge of the land and companies we work with, allow the Agricola Orve to cultivate and select niche productions. With solid knowledge of agriculture and a modern management, we proudly present excellent results of our region (European label, PGI**, PAT*). The “Excellences” are sold in 250 and 500 grams bag size.

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